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iCEMS Features

Fully automated operation with built-in self diagnosis

Radical new design combining state-of-the-art, low cost sensors

Sample conditioning, seasons and controller in a single package

Basic NOX/00/02 EPA Part 60 compliance system at a fraction of the cost of traditional CEMS

All components mounted inside a NEMA weather-proof enclosure

Ready for wireless or cloud based data access

The iCEMSTM is our new low cost, compact Continuous Emissions Monitoring System capable of measuring EPA targeted pollutants such as NOX, CO, SO2, Methane,H2S,VOCs and many others compounds. It can also measure diluent gases such as 02 and co2, which can be utilized for process control and/or pollutant emission corrections. The iCEMSTM is the best solution available on the market for truly affordable compliance and process monitoring applications.

We developed the iCEMSTM specifically for continuous monitoring of smaller sources such as Gensets (lower HP reciprocating gas or diesel engines), small gas turbines, process heaters, marine sources, small boilers, etc. The iCEMSTM base- level price point will finally allow owners of these smaller sources to afford a state-of-the-art, accurate and dependable monitoring solution for compliance, efficiency or process monitoring. The iCEMSTM is compact and modular, so it can be customized for almost any stack configuration or application.

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