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CEMS Rentals

Comprehensive Solutions — CEMS Experts carries a wide array of
“off the shelf” rental CEMS from basic NOx/O2 systems for turbines and boilers to complete custom solutions for multiple compounds, including exotic gases such as NH3 (Ammonia), HCl, H2S, THCs, etc. as well as Opacity Monitors (COMS).

All of our rental packages can include a complete, data acquisition and control system for data capture and storage, automated and manual calibrations, and offers basic reports, trending and alarms. Fully customized systems can also be designed around your specific requirements (DCS integration, specialized reporting formats, multi-stack “time-shared” solutions, etc).

We can also offer 24/7 remote monitoring for all of our rental systems plus complete, on-site maintenance, repairs and training services. Our rental systems can be fully RATA Certified in one day to provide you with precision, compliance data that meets all of your permit requirements.

Here are just a few reasons why you may need a provisional CEMS
from the CEMS Experts:

  • Temporary replacement for an existing CEMS – If your
    CEMS breaks down and can’t be repaired in a timely fashion, we
    can supply a provisional system to keep you in compliance and
    help avoid costly fines.
  • CEMS Data Quality Verification – Do you have some
    question about the reliability of your existing CEMS data?
    Perhaps there is a random glitch that sends your hourly
    emissions over your permit limit that you can’t seem to
    pinpoint. At a fraction of the cost for what a RATA Emissions
    Test company would charge to mobilize and collect data, our
    rental CEMS could be your answer.
  • New CEMS Installation Delays – You ordered a CEMS already
    for your new plant or process and the delivery is delayed for
    whatever reason. The deadline on your permit is fast
    approaching (or past) and you need emissions data NOW! Give
    us a call and we can have a temporary system delivered,
    installed and certified within one week!
  • Process Emissions Modeling or Assessment – If a CEMS is
    not required on your process but you want to collect emissions
    data over time to model your pollutants, diluents, carbon
    footprint or make improvements in your combustion efficiency,
    use our rental CEMS to do this very cost-effectively. We can
    also help you set up our CEMS and associated sensors and
    process monitors to provide a complete data set for Predictive
    Emissions Monitoring (PEMS) certification.
  • SCR Ammonia Slip Verification – Rent our “Hot/Wet” NH3
    ammonia CEMS to verify that your Selective Catalytic Reduction
    (SCR) system is working properly. This system give you
    accurate (+/- 0.1ppm) NH3 slip data in real-time, so you don’t
    have to wait hours (or days) for wet chemistry results from an
    on-site testing service. Our customers have saved hundreds of
    thousands of dollars by adjusting various process parameters
    and configurations on their SCR profiles to avoid unnecessary
    replacement of their expensive SCR catalyst beds!
  • New CEMS Pre-purchase Engineering Modeling – Before
    you can even provide a specification to a CEMS vendor what
    your process emission requirements will be, you need to get
    accurate data over various process conditions to determine the
    ranges for your new analyzers. For less than the cost of a new
    hand-held monitor, we can provide you with a complete, turn-
    key rental CEM solution that uses state-of-the-art, industry
    standard instrumentation with proven accuracy.

“Real-world” Experience — CEMS Experts has provided CEMS
hardware and software solutions for many applications, industries and

  • Waste Incinerators
  • Land Fill Emissions
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Biomass
  • Semiconductor
  • Steel mills
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Coal and Coke fired
  • Oil Refinery Processes
  • SCR NH3 Slip Monitoring
  • Plastics Manufacturing

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