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CEMS Rentals and Leasing

CEMS Rentals

Need a CEMS fast? We
offer a wide array of
custom CEMS solutions for
provisional monitoring.

CEMS Leasing

Lease your next CEMS to
convert your capital
purchase into a manageable
monthly expense.

CEMS Refurbishing

Save thousands of dollars on
our fully certified, factory
refurbished CEMS hardware.


We have several NOX/CO/O2 CEMS in-house and ready to deliver.
We can help you set up a continuous emissions monitoring plan for
your boiler to determine baseline readings. Our temporary CEMS
will allow you to see real-time data while you tune various boiler
operating parameters to verify compliance with the new EPA Boiler
MACT requirements.


CEMS Rentals

Sometimes the need arises for a temporary CEMS monitoring
solution – perhaps to bridge the gap while waiting for your
permanent CEM system or when short term data is necessary for
emissions profiling, CEMS comparisons, Predictive Emissions
modeling (PEMS), COMS (Continuous Opacity Monitoring System)
or SCR ammonia slip testing. CEMS Experts can provide you
with a custom CEMS solution FAST! We have complete, state-of-
the-art “turn-key” systems available at a moment’s notice for daily,
weekly, monthly rentals, or longer.
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CEMS Leasing

In these difficult financial times, it is becoming more and more
challenging to get approvals for large capital expenditures.
Through our GKA Financial Services, CEMS Experts can provide you
with a brand new CEMS with a small initial down-payment and
reasonable monthly terms that may be approved at the local
management level. This strategy has helped thousands of
companies purchase the equipment they require and can help you
get in compliance more quickly. More info…

CEMS Refurbishing

By offering our customers the option of purchasing like-new CEMS,
we can offer you substantial cost savings on your next CEMS
purchase. Through our successful rental program, CEMS Experts
has a large inventory of used equipment that we completely
refurbish and guarantee. More info…