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Surprising Facts about Air Pollution

In addition to helping your company avoid incurring fines for not coming into compliance with the EPA regarding emissions standards, we are also proud of how our services and equipment protect the environment. Our continuous emissions monitoring systems guarantee both by being reliable and by using state-of-the-art technology to make sure that your stay in compliance with 40 CFR part 98 regarding the mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases. Here is some food for thought about the damage that pollution can and has caused to the environment.

  • Fact: Air pollution shortens the average person’s life by as much as 1 – 2 years.
  • Fact: Air pollution is more toxic to children due to their smaller lungs, weaker immune systems and lesser lung capacity.
  • Fact: 65% of the deaths in Asia and as much as 25% deaths in India are caused by air pollution.
  • Fact: The number of deaths caused by air pollution is comparable to diseases like malaria and HIV.
  • Fact: Deforestation for animal grazing is estimated to emit as much as 2.4 billion tons of CO2 every year.
  • Fact: Huge industrial plants are not the only sources of harmful emissions. Factory farms contribute to air pollution by releasing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane.
  • Fact: One third of the air pollution in San Francisco comes from air that travels from China to the Central Valley in the United States.
  • Fact: According to The American Lung Association, 40% of the American population is exposed to unhealthy air.
  • Fact: Los Angeles is one of the most polluted American cities in terms of ozone pollution. Bismarck, North Dakota is among the least polluted in terms of ozone.
  • Fact: Air pollution is so great in Beijing China that breathing the air in that city is comparable to smoking 40 cigarettes per day. Moreover, particulate levels there are five times greater than the national average

In short, our equipment not only keeps you from incurring the wrath of the EPA and accumulating penalties, it also helps you to become a good corporate citizen. Doing so requires equipment that is reliable and a commitment by businesses to protect the earth from greenhouse gases and other kinds of pollution. That is why we are here.

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